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FAQ of Accommodation Booking Service 1

The collection of FAQ about accommodation booking.

1.Can I get a room definitely if I make a room reservation?
As you may know, the rooms at the university may be quite limited. So it’s possible that you cannot get a room even if you make a room reservation. CISS advises you to reserve the room as early as possible.

2.Is the accommodation fee of China universities high?

Generally, the accommodation fee of Chinauniversities is reasonable as the universities intend to expand the enrollment of international students. Different dorm standard will bring different prices.For details, you may refer to the university’s admission brochure.    

4.How about the accommodation environment on-campus of China universities?

Many of China universities provide the international students with single room, double room and triple room for their selection. The room is neat, clean and comfortable.              

5.If the accommodation fee will be adjusted upon my arrival?
Accommodation fee is made by each university. Information displayed in each university is gathered from the university, which is for your reference. It is subject to change during the registration.

8.If there is spare room for me if I did not makea reservation?

We cannot promise you. CISS advises students to book accommodation beforehand. If there is no room after your arrival, please contact the university staff for help. The university can help you find accommodation information outside campus.