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Forms and sheets required for applying Chinese university

Forms and sheets required for application including custody release form, foreigner physical examination form, guarantee letter, etc.

China's higher education system boasts a strong reputation worldwide, while China's manufacturing industries are renowned for their international competitiveness. Chinese university graduates are welcomed by leading universities in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries. Every year, there are about 20 thousand students who graduated in China who go to the aforementioned countries for further study. Many overseas Chinese graduates work in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, famous universities and world-class laboratories.

Download:Mutual Recognition Agreements Between Countries & China

Custody Release Form

Students under 18 need to download this form, print it out and ask your guardian in China to fill it out and sign it. Then upload a photocopy of it.

Download:custody release form

Foreigner Physical Examination Form

This form is required when you apply for your Chinese Visa and Residence Permit. Please download and print it out. Don’t forget to take it with you when you go to the hospitals designated by Chinese Embassy to do the physical examination.

Download:Foreigner Physical Examination Form

Guarantee Letter

Download the corresponding Financial Guarantee Letter or Performance Guarantee Letter asked by the universities you apply for. If the universities ask for both of them at the same time or do not specify which one clearly, then download the forms

Financial Guarantee Letter for Individuals

Guarantee Statement

Financial Guarantee Letter for group

Personal Statement

When applying for Chinese universities, student may be required to provide personal statement. below are samples of personal statement

Personal statement(in Chinese)

Personal statement sample

Letter of Recommendation

Post-graduate applicants are required to provide letter reccommendation for their application. download the forms below

Letter of Reccommendation


Applicant should provide resume