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Accommodation Booking Service

The School Accommodation Booking Service is to help CISS users who apply the university certified by CISS book dorms on campus during their studying in China universities.

Eligible Applicants:
CISS User - All international students who have applied China universities on CISS.

Service Standard:

1.Booking dorms online directly and quickly.

2.Booking dorms is free.

3.Informing the student s of the reservation result by email  directly by the teachers.

4.Providing a real-time contact for thestudents with the teachers about the reservation.

Application Procedure:

Accommodation reservation should be completed step by Step.

Step 1 Get Application Result from University.

Step 2 Get Notification for Accommodation Booking.

Step 3 Finish online application for accommodation of your applied university.

Step 4 Wait for the result of accommodation booking.

Step 5 Get Reservation Result.


1.Only when you get admission notice from the university can you book accommodation.

2. We advise you to book accommodation once you receive the admission notice.

3. We advise you to come as early aspossible during the registration date to get a nice seat in the dormitory.