About CISS


CISS - official channel to admission officers of China universities!

CISS, short for China International Student System, is a web-based service platform for international students who want to study in China. CISS is a sub brand of ATCHINA, which was founded at the year of 2006 to help China universities recruit international students. Now CISS links international students with China universities to communicate directly concerning applications and management.

Why use us?

By using CISS.org.cn, students can make applications to China universities directly. Therefore, dont need to worry about being cheated by bad agents. At the mean time, students dont need to pay large service charge to their agents.

By using CISS.org.cn, the application status will be updated at the same time with the university.  

So, students can check admission progress at any time and everywhere, if only they have a network.

By using CISS.org.cn, we help our applicants speed up the application feedback. For example, if students submit application but didnt get any reply from the university after 3 working days, our system will send an email to the university admission office, to remind the admission team deal with the application as early as possible.

More benefits will come soon by using CISS.org.cn

Excellent graduates will get more job opportunities offered by famous international enterprises in China and over the world after our job fairs launched online, which is under planning. Students then can communicate with enterprise HR officers directly at our online platform.

CISS aims to help international students apply China universities more safer with ease, and help international students achieve success in both studies and careers of studying in China.